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UIOT super smart home, focusing on the whole house wireless smart home system. Since its establishment in 2011, UIOT Super Wisdom has persisted in large-scale R & D investment and continuous innovation around customer needs to build an interconnected family Internet of things through Internet of things, cloud computing, voice recognition, AI technology, connecting home electrical products, HVAC comfort equipment, security and audio-visual systems. Create a full-scene and multi-domain intelligent life experience for global users (smart family, smart real estate, smart hotel, smart office, smart pension, smart education, etc.).

Enterprise honor

Enterprise honor
  • 福布斯中国最具创新力企业Forbes China's most innovative companies
  • 2019年度中国房地产供应商竞争力前十强Top 10 real estate suppliers in China in 2019
  • 新型信息消费应用创新奖New information consumption Application Innovation Award
  • 2018年十大智能家居品牌Top 10 smart home brands in 2018
  • 2017年十大智能家居品牌Top 10 smart home brands in 2017
  • 2016年十大智能家居品牌Top 10 smart home brands in 2016
  • 2015年十大智能家居品牌Top 10 smart home brands in 2015
  • 2018地产推荐智能家居品牌2018 real estate recommends smart home brands
  • 2018年度中国房地产供应商竞争力前十强Top 10 real estate suppliers in 2018
  • 2019年度最受设计师喜爱品牌Favorite brands of designers in 2019
  • 2016中国家电艾普兰大奖2016 China home appliances epland Award
  • 阿里IoT智能人居第一批生态合作伙伴The first batch of ecological partners of Alibaba IOT intelligent human settlements
  • 全国工商联智能家居专委会副会长Vice chairman of smart home special committee of all China Federation of industry and Commerce
  • 2016年最具投资价值奖2016 most valuable investment Award
  • 2016年十大智能硬件产品奖Top 10 smart hardware product awards in 2016
  • 上海市工商联房地产商会特别贡献奖Shanghai Federation of industry and commerce real estate chamber of Commerce special contribution award
  • 2018年中国房地产首选智能家居供应商China's real estate preferred smart home supplier in 2018
  • 2016中国房地产供应商智慧社区配套品牌TOP52016 top 5 smart community supporting brands of China's real estate suppliers
  • 中国科学技术研究院智能家居实验室Smart home Laboratory of Chinese Academy of science and technology
  • 上海市工商联房地产商会理事单位Director unit of Shanghai Federation of industry and commerce real estate chamber of Commerce
  • 2016年HCFT智能家居先锋奖2016 HCFT smart home Pioneer Award
  • 中国通信标准化协会全权会员Full member of China Communications Standardization Association
  • 2017中国家居业十大首选智能家居品牌Top 10 smart home brands in China's household industry in 2017
  • 中国智能家居行业用户体验奖China smart home industry user experience Award

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