--UIOT background music central host--



Shock sound effect   Magic charm sound

Hall-level HI-FI sound quality, really restore the live sound effect

Cinema-level strong central mainframe

High fidelity stereo loudspeaker

Product Name: Posheng central background music host.
Installation method: horizontal (can be installed in a standard rack).
Product size: 430 x 344 x 140mm.
Operating voltage: AC100-240V 50/60HZ.
External audio input: four / eight.
Rated power: 400W~600W.
Service life: an average of 30,000 hours without failure.
Suction horn parameters:
Product specification: 5 inch.
Opening size: φ 185mm.
Rated power: 10W-50W.
Impedance: 8 Ω.
LCD touch panel: The whole house talks to each other and conveys it in an instant.
Product material: aluminum wire drawing.
Product size: 86 × 86mm.
Installation method: Wall-embedded installation (standard 86 pre-embedded box).
Power supply mode: DC12-24V mainframe power supply.
Display screen: 320×240PDI full-color LCD screen.
Communication distance: ≤ 50m (straight distance between panel and host).

* the above data are from UIOT laboratory, and the actual results may vary slightly depending on the test method.