IOT intercom management center

Two-way call with indoor extension.

Monitor fence machine unit door machine.

Can record alarm and intercom information.

Can set automatic message, answer.


Two-way call function with indoor extension

Two-way call with indoor extension to protect the privacy and security of the owner.

Main menu: call owners, video surveillance, alarm recording system settings, intercom records, applications.

Product Name: Internet of things intercom management center.
Product size: 303x195x30mm.
Power supply mode: DC12V.
Standby power consumption: 2.5W.
Working power consumption: 6W.
Display screen: 800mm 480 PDI 9 inch LCD touch screen.
Main chip: operating frequency 350MHz.
RAM: 256MB.
Operating system: Linux2.6.
Working temperature: -10 ℃ ~ + 55 ℃.

* the above data are from UIOT laboratory, and the actual results may vary slightly depending on the test method.