Leak Detector

Linkage shutoff water valve, real-time alarm, low-voltage alarm, installation-free

Linkage selection of host frequency and network number function

Jointly support the implementation of the alarm function to the mobile phone APP with the host computer

It can be placed directly in the area to be tested


Precision induction drive water valve closing

The change of water level is known for the first time, with high precision and high sensitivity

When the water mark reaches the monitoring height, it can be linked to turn on the UIOT wall socket or wall switch

Drive electronically controlled water valve to shut off water source to reduce loss

* this function needs to be used with equipment such as UIOT or wall switch after installing solenoid valve

Product Name: water leakage detector.
Product material: flame retardant PC.
Installation method: horizontal placement.
Product size: φ 74 × 29mm.
Power supply mode: AAA dry battery 3 × 1.5V.
Communication method: ZigBee.
Communication distance: 50mur80m (empty and unsheltered).
Monitoring mode: probe type.
Alarm method: Super Wisdom APP.

* the above data are from UIOT laboratory, and the actual results may vary slightly depending on the test method.