2 million pixel   Ultra high definition picture quality

A new type of high-resolution imaging device with integrated high-definition webcam, high-definition image quality

Remote monitoring and operation of multiple operating systems

Support for network head and lens


There are multiple installation methods

No dead corner in remote monitoring

High-resolution imaging device and high-definition image quality produced by the combination of traditional camera and network technology

Users can use a variety of operating systems to remotely monitor and operate, supporting network head and lens

No dead corner monitoring, mobile detection capture

Product Name: UIOT 1080p intelligent camera.
Product material: flame retardant PC.
Installation method: suction top installation / horizontal placement.
Product size: 100x105x80mm.
Power supply mode: adapter DC 5V/1A.
Communication method: WIFI/ Ethernet.
Operating system: Linux.
Sensor type: 1/3 CMOS.
Memory: 32M (included with DSP).
Resolution: 1920 × 1080amp 1280x720 (main stream). 640 × 352 stroke 320 × 176 (sub-stream).
Frame frequency: 50HZ:1~15fps/60HZ:1~25fps.
Video quality: 1080p HD, 2 million pixels, 4x digital magnification.
Audio format: G711Comp726.
Head rotation angle: horizontal 355 °vertical 90 °.
Network interface: RJ45 10/100Mb adaptive Ethernet interface.
Monitoring range: 4 independent detection areas can be set (sensitivity 1mi 100 can be set).
Alarm mode: Super Wisdom APP+ local alarm (buzzer).

* the above data are from UIOT laboratory, and the actual results may vary slightly depending on the test method.