Make voice interaction more natural
You who pay attention to life


UIOT Intelligent Cloud Speaker

Super-large voice cavity  Professional bass

Combined stereo supports DLAN links

HI-FI speaker chip

Control the intelligent equipment of the whole house


If you want to say it

Say it

Highly sensitive six-wheat design, with far-field incoming Mike and near-field Mike sensitive pickup

Wake up easily within 5 meters

Don't be afraid of the environment, say it if you want to

Full-house voice

Easy interaction

4 full-frequency speakers, 5 m far-field pickup, 6 microphone arrays

Accurately locate the sound source

Voice covers every corner of the room

Autonomous learning

Grant whatever is requested

Encyclopedia Q & A, information inquiry, flight inquiry, car traffic restrictions, schedule, etc

Self-learning appliance control, scene linkage, etc

Xiaoyou can answer every request

Product Name: intelligent cloud speaker.
Product material: flame retardant PC+ABS & carbon structural steel.
Installation method: horizontal placement.
Product size: 114x114x114x242mm.
Power supply mode: adapter DC 15V/1.5A.
Communication method: WIFI.
Mode of operation: voice control.
Operating system: UIOS.
Speech recognition distance: ≤ 5m.
Microphone: six-wheat array.
Speakers: 2.25 in.
Extended functionality: support for DLAN.
Processor: quad-core ARMCortex-A35 main frequency 1.5GHz.

* the above data are from UIOT laboratory, and the actual results may vary slightly depending on the test method.