Smart Family Center

A "wisdom" center for the interconnection of 100 kinds of devices


Small size and great wisdom

Strong performance and unlimited number of users

Support cascading of multiple gateways to get through WIFI and ZigBee

The products of the whole house wisdom center linked by multi-brands and multi-kinds of equipment.

Product name: smart Family Center.
Applicable Huxing: flat floor (less than 140 inches).
Product material: high-grade flame retardant ABS.
Installation method: horizontal placement.
Product size: 140x125x15mm.
Power supply mode: adapter DC5V/2A.
Communication method: ZigBee/ Ethernet.
Communication distance: 80-120m (empty and unsheltered).
The extended interface: USB (can mount the network card).
System: UIOS
Processor: Cortex-A7 core.
Encryption method: AES-128 bit encryption algorithm, financial level software and hardware protection.
Software architecture: hybrid cloud architecture (cloud platform + local local area network).
Online upgrade: OTA.
Number of users supported: 8 mi 10.
Number of access devices supported: 50 +.
Networking method: ZigBee networking.
Working temperature: -10 ℃ ~ 50 ℃

* the above data are from UIOT laboratory, and the actual results may vary slightly depending on the test method.