Sleep is more secure without perceptual monitoring

Multi-dimensional collection of sleep information

Real-time monitoring of heart rate, respiratory rate, turning over, getting out of bed and other data

Issue an alarm notice when abnormal data is detected

Intelligent formation of sleep analysis reports to help improve sleep quality


Remote view

Remote monitoring of baby's sleep status

Product name: intelligent sleep monitor.
Product version: WIFI version / 4G version.
Software platform: Android/IOS (Android4.0 or above, IOS7 or above).
Installation method: horizontal placement.
Product size: 106x106x25mm
Power supply mode: adapter DC5V/1A.
Monitoring pad size: 700x240x1mm.
Communication method: WiFi/GPRS/ZigBee.
Monitoring method: pressure sensor chip.
Number of people tested: single person.
Type of monitoring: heart rate, respiratory rate, body movement, length of sleep, depth of sleep, length of night rise, etc.

* the above data are from UIOT laboratory, and the actual results may vary slightly depending on the test method.