Professional smart solutions provider

Professional smart solutions provider

UIOT super wisdom home through the Internet of things, for the global billions of consumers to create a better life wisdom


whole house wireless smart home system

As a global family of 3 million + optimization and the whole house of wireless smart home system UIOT super wisdom home around the whole house 28 architectural system, smart home through the Internet of things, cloud computing, speech recognition, AI technology, connecting the comforts of home electrical products, hvac, security and audio systems, such as constructing iot interconnection and interconnection of the family, for the global billionaire families make 24 hours all scene better life wisdom


A new generation of intelligent real estate system

UIOT super intelligent home for many years to become "China's real estate preferred smart home suppliers".Intellectual property system has been successfully used Yu Wanke, poly, country garden, the green group 200 + top fortune 100 companies, such as real estate developments has 500 + community between example, global has shipped 47 whole house intelligence lives in the community


A new generation of intelligent hotel system

UIOT super intelligent home based on Internet of things, artificial intelligence, big data and other advantages, in order to "efficiency, comfort, energy saving, innovation" as the guide, with wisdom power hotel intelligent comprehensive promotion of science and technology, improve the work efficiency, reduce operating costs, the hotel to improve the quality of hotel service and class, greatly enhance the user experience


A new generation of intelligent office systems

UIOT super wisdom wisdom of science and technology as the core driving force, adhering to the people-oriented principle, through to the office area of intelligent lighting, intelligent equipment such as air conditioning, intelligent curtain of intelligent control, convenient for enterprises to create comfortable, efficient, energy saving, highly personalized intelligent office space, leading Chinese enterprises into the era of intelligent office


A new generation of intelligent education system

UIOT super wisdom, relying on a strong technical team and rich accumulation of industry and professional intelligent system advantage, based on advanced technology such as artificial intelligence, big data, intelligent lighting, human-computer interaction, scene control, and other areas of the depth of the intelligent system is applied to education, enhance the user interest in knowledge acquisition, break the traditional limit of education teaching, create a new teaching form belongs to the future of intelligent education


A new generation of intelligent pension system

UIOT super wisdom, relying on the Internet of things, cloud computing, big data technology, artificial intelligence and other modern science and technology supported by wisdom endowment service platform, intelligent terminal, through intelligent sleep, intelligent lighting, super wisdom bed,emergency button such as intelligent systems, build healthy endowment service network, wisdom to the wisdom of the old man to provide convenient, precise and efficient endowment service, with science and technology as the old man lit a better life